Bike Routes

The Fremont Area Road Tour offers riders a variety of routes to choose from. Riders can choose to complete any portion of four routes ranging from 13 to 30 miles or riders can choose to ride the Metric Century Route, which combines parts of the other four routes into an approximate 65 mile road tour. Elevation profiles and route descriptions are provided below. New for 2018, we are working on having route directions available through smart phone apps. 

All routes start at 7:30 AM in Lander City Park and end at 2:00 PM.  Aid stations are located on all routes and riders are welcome to return to City Park for aid station services anytime during the ride. 


2018 ROUTES: 

  1. Metric Century Route - Approximately 65 miles (This route includes a combination of the four other routes.)
  2. North Second Loop - Approximately 13 miles
  3. Squaw Baldwin Loop - Approximately 14 miles
  4. Lyons Valley Loop - Approximately 25 miles
  5. Sinks Canyon Out and Back - Approximately 30 miles

Metric Century Route

Stats:  Approximately 65 miles. This route takes riders up Sinks Canyon to the top of the switchbacks (Fossil Hill), returning to town to complete the Squaw Baldwin Loop, North Second Loop, and then Lyons Valley Loop. For elevation profiles, please see each individual route below.   

Squaw-Baldwin Loop

Stats:  Approximately 14 miles. Route travels clockwise. The Squaw-Baldwin Loop is a scenic ride with views of breathtaking red bluffs. You will have a steady climb for the first six miles, with scenic views at the top, followed by an easy descent on Baldwin when returning to Lander City Park.

Sinks Canyon Out and Back

Stats:  Approximately 30 miles. Route travels out and back, with the turn-around at Fossil Hill.  Riding to Sinks Canyon is a local favorite, and it might just be your favorite, too!  There is a gradual, but noticeable ascent to Sinks Canyon, and it becomes more challenging once you enter the canyon.  The views will help distract you from the challenging ride.  As the ride is reversed, you can enjoy the descent, and the view.

Sinks Elevation Map

Lyons Valley Loop

Stats:  Approximately 25 miles. Route travels clockwise. The Lyons Valley Loop starts at Lander City Park and travels down Mortimore Lane.  From here, you will turn onto left Hillcrest Drive.  After a rider through residential Lander, rider will take Highway 789 to Lyons Valley Road.   There are rolling hills and beautiful country scenery.  Then, you will turn right onto the highway  and head back into Lander via Moritmore Lane and Sinks Canyon Road.  This section offers great views of the Wind River Mountains. 

Photo by Libby Gadbois.

Photo by Libby Gadbois.

North Second Loop

Stats:  Approximately 13 Miles. Route travels clockwise. North Second offers beautiful country scenery.  Riders will travel north on Highway 287 before turning onto Lower North Fork Rd, continuing on to North 2nd Street and finishing back at City Park.

North Second
Photo by Libby Gadbois.

Photo by Libby Gadbois.